Hi, I’m Charlie…


About Me:

I’m Charlie, a College Student doing the course known as Next Gen, and you found your way onto my blog!

Overall I decided to take on the Next Gen course because of my passion for games and design, i’ve always been a fan of art, and playing games, hence I would love to continue this into my future and hopefully my career.



I’m a massive gamer, but you could probably already tell. I spend a large amount of my time playing a wide range of games on my PC, to the games i always go back to, and the new games I have recently bought and trying.

What I want to do:

I would love to work in the Gaming Industry. Whilst i am not entirely sure on my strengths and weaknesses yet, I love the idea of being able to construct 3D models, animations, VFx and great pieces of concept art.

I would love to learn programs like Photoshop for drawing and editing, After effects for VFX and design (I love youtube and making videos, hence this would help) and new programs like Maya to animate.


My overall goal is to work for a large Games company, like my favourites Bethesda, Ubisoft or EA / Dice. I’m not yet sure doing what, but this games course can help me find that answer.

The reason i’d want to work for them companies is because they produce some of my favourite game series ever, like Battlefield, The Elder Scrolls and Assassins Creed. Whilst the series may have had its ups and downs, overall I have had great fun playing the games, and look forward to upcoming releases. My engagement with these games and knowledge would help me work for them companies, and would love to work on on one of the games myself.

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