Bethesda Presentation

I did a presentation in class, based on my research of the Games Company, Bethesda.

So essentially, my first ever task of my college course. So as expected, I wanted to make it good. The task goes, create and present your research of a games company, and why they inspire you.

I based mine on Bethesda Softworks, and their original creator, Christopher Weaver. Overall what I found was quite interesting, and surprising. How my favourite games company, mainly for its RPG series like The Elder Scrolls and Fallout, started out making physics based sports games.


Overall I think the presentation went really well! I went over Bethesda as a whole first, like how they came about, about the creator Christopher Weaver, and why I would love to work for this company when I am older.

I mainly used powerpoint’s animation ability, to create more interesting graphics and images instead of just your basic text. In my opinion, this was my greatest aspect of my presentation.

Looking at my feedback from Matt, i got 2.5 / 3 all around on each section. The scores were for the presentation, content and delivery.

I am quite proud with these results, and thank you to Matt for the feedback.


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