The Maze Game, Improved.

Starting out on the course we were given a Flash / Animate game. Already coded and finalised. It was called, The Maze Game.

It was a simple concept, drag your mouse to guide a square (known as the player) to the goal, without touching the walls, or you would have to restart. The overall aim was to get the best time to get through each of the 5 levels.

Our task was to take this already made game, and completely redesign it. Same concept of getting a player to a goal without touching a wall, but entirely new scene, players, and goals.


So What did I do?

Well I turned this Maze Game it something more original, and for the most part a more humorous concept. I changed:

  • The Player to a Chicken
  • The Goal to a Female Chicken
  • The walls, to Moving Cars

Yes, i created a game where you have to get the chicken across the road. The idea was simple, yet more funny than serious. It was a basic start to Animate, but the game ended up working, surprisingly enough.

Level 1


I only managed to do 3 Levels, the first level being the title screen, teaching the player what a wall looks like, by them having to avoid the words “Chicken Dating Sim” or they die. Once they got the chicken to the female chicken, who is clear to the player that it is the chickens crush, the next level initiates.

Maze Game 2.png

Here is the screen for level 1, it was the first key frame.

Level 2


This Level was the original idea i had. cars, that act as the walls, drove down a road. If a car hits you, you had to restart. The second level was easy enough, but introduced the player to the idea of the moving cars. For the moving cars i used motion tweens, and set their name to “level” which allowed the code to recognise the car as having “wall” properties. The cars would go at different speeds down the roads.

Maze Game 4.png

Level 3

Maze Game 5.png

The third and last level i stepped up the difficulty. I made it a 4 lane road rather than a 2 lane road. A range of 4 different colour cars would go down the road one way at different speeds. This increased the difficulty of the game by a significant amount. Again i used motion tweens to move the cars down the road.


Final Level

Maze Game 7.png

Even though it isn’t a level, so to speak, once you have completed the 2 levels i created you would see your time, and a retry option. This allows the game to be re-playable and more expansive than a game that just ends with no conclusion.

What I Could Improve, and Problems I Encountered

For a start, i would add more levels if ever given the time to complete this game. Maybe using cars travelling at different directions, roundabouts or a wider variety of cars. This would make the game more playable.

An problem I encountered was the moving cars. I needed to draw the car, colour it in and then set it to a symbol, for example “Green Car” or “Blue Car”. I needed to have each car to have wall properties, therefore i called each car “level” in its settings. The Problem was, the code only recognised 1 instance of “level”, therefore only 1 car would work.

To combat this i highlighted all the cars, and set them as one Symbol, almost like a group symbol, and called that symbol “level”. Lone behold this worked perfectly, and I was reassured the game would work.


In conclusion I found the game fun to make, and thought it worked out well in the end considering i had never used Adobe Animate before.






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