Learning to Use Flash, well… Animate

I Made a Self Portrait in Flash…


How I Created Myself

There’s me. OK, so it doesn’t look LOADS like me, but close enough right?

I decided to draw myself in a very cartoon style, just to simply get used to Flash (Animate) and learn the wide range of tools.

Each line or graphic is called a Vector Graphic, which means it was generated mathematically. Hence the file size is significantly less of that of a Bitmap image. I used a range of vector graphics.

For the hair, which only slightly resembles me, I used the brush tool, to free hand draw the outline and fill it inn with the fill tool, again using the brush to add finer detail like shading.

For the head, and the eyes I used the circle tool, but used the selector to bend it a bit to make it more of a skull shape, than a perfect circle.  To create details like the mouth and nose and eyebrows I again used the brush.

My Knowledge of Flash

Flash (Now known as Animate – yep, same program, but a different name. Thanks Adobe) is a simple tool I could use in the future to make games or animations. I am currently learning the tool, firstly by messing about creatively with shapes and their manipulations, then moving on to drawing myself.

I would say I am good at drawing in flash, able to use the wide range of shapes and tools to get what I wanted. If I get chance, I would like to continue to draw, maybe even using hardware like a Graphics tablet to improve the sketches I have made in flash.

One problem is that I am a perfectionist, therefore if its not looking right I usually change it. Whilst this might mean the end product is good,  it also talks a lot more time to get what I want.

Overall I cant wait to begin to animate and create mobile or desktop games for people to play and enjoy.



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