Space Ship (3D Model)


We have been using Maya to 3D model a space ship!


I took inspiration from pictures of artwork on the internet, a transport ship from Star Wars, starting of with basic shapes like cubes and extruding them to create different shapes to create the ship. I designed a basic shape and then decided to get feedback from peers to help improve the design.

SS 1.png

My feedback from Connor was to maybe test what the ship would look like if it were to be more curved, so i used Numpad 3 to make it more curved. Personally i like both, but the cubic ship feels more Sci-Fi to me.

I started on making a Tie-Fighter, but then i decided to go with something more original, and my own design.

SS 2.png

Another problem i encountered was that i kept creating a new shape for every segment of the ship, which meant a lot more polys than what there should be, so i restarted my ship to attempt to make it as all one, which worked well in the end.

SS 3.png


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