Walking Simulator (Unity)

To learn Unity, we are going to create a Walking simulator, similar to that of games like Slender, or Firewatch.

WS 1.png

My game now is at a basic level, with a house, a table set, 2 chairs, a key, and a door. Even though it sounds simple, it has allowed me to become used to Unity quickly and start off my knowledge of the engine.

WS 2.png

The basic aim of the game is a Key. Pick up the key, it is added to an inventory list, which means you can open the door. Your character also has a torch, which can be toggled off and on with the ‘F’ key.

I coded most of these features in C#, using Visual. I am slowly becoming used to it, and now have mastered the basics of Variables, IF statements etc.


Once you have picked up the key, you can exit the door by being both near it, and clicking on it!

Im quite proud of this simple game, and it has allowed me to become more confident in C# and Unity. I have not yet many ideas, and where to take it but im sure it is always do-able!



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