UV Unwrapping

Ship.pngStep 1.

Open Maya

Step 2.

UV Wrap

Step 3


Ok so in serious terms, UV Wrapping is useful but both confusing and hard. And its not that easy.

UV unwrapping is splitting a 3D model into 2D design, mainly used for texturing later on. Its hard, but I feel like I will get used to it.

It is used to texture models. In this case my spaceship, which is a different model to the one i blogged about previously, due to older version of maya breaking it, oh man.

It involves splitting up faces of your model, and unfolding them so that you can sew and connect the shapes together. This is essentially creating a floor plan of it. And i struggled.

Personally I was always quite good with shapes in maths, so i figured it wouldnt be too hard. Boy was i wrong. I mainly struggled on selecting the faces and unfolding them, but especially sewing them together.

It’s inevitable i’ll get better, but for now practise makes perfect!




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