The Walking Simulator, Advanced!

Remember my walking simulator? Yeah, I made it a whole lot better.

Originally I had a table, with a key. Which opened a door. Pretty boring, the basics. I’ve added some new features in now, which makes the game both more attractive, and makes more sense.

Basic Features:

A Torch, by using the ‘F’ Key, you can toggle a torch that is connected to the players view.


A key, that opens the door. Once you have picked up the key, it is added to the inventory system. This means you can open the door. Without the key, you cannot open the door. The same also applies if you are not within range of the door.

Key and Door.gif

New Features:

The Setting! I made the room longer, as my original idea was to gave it as a train. But now, I am considering towards the idea of a prison break style game.

I also have added a Radio. When you pick up the battery, then the radio can be operated (Turned on with Mouse1) and it plays some guitar music. I could also use this feature to maybe create a Theme song or background music.


Text features I also added. Hovering over objects will display their name or description. After you move the mouse away, then they fade away.

I also added a crosshair, which I am considering designing myself as a cross instead of a dot.

Later on I wish to create more backstory to the game, a cool setting and a purpose. Ill be blogging more about these concepts later on.






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