The Future of Gaming

We all have wanted to try it, and today I finally did…

The future of gaming, in my opinion, is Virtual Reality. The concept of you being in a game. Something we all want right. I want to feel like im in the harsh commonwealth of Fallout, dangerous tundra of Skyrim, mean streets of GTA and haunting wreck of L4D.

And since today Next Gen Sunderland finished their playstation VR in one of the middle rooms, i could have a go. I was first to that que, of course. And i loved it.

I played Drive Club with the Playstation VR, and whilst it may be one of the low budget headsets, it still felt too real to be understandable.

Instead of the first thing i was doing ws starting my car, getting ready for the race i simply took in every last detail of what was around me, it was like i should be able to touch it, but couldn’t!

I cant wait for the future of gaming, Virtual Reality excites me, and I would love to develop a area i could explore with virtual reality. Whether that be the Oculus, Vive or PSVR.




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