Transforming the Walking Sim

Remember the Walking Simulator? I turned it into something more… Creative.

My original Walking Simulator was a small room, which you could exit by picking up the key, and activate the radio with a battery. I decided with the torch feature it would be cool to recreate it into a horror or thriller style game, similar to that of Slender (One of the most iconic simple horror games of all time).

Walking Simulator.gif

This is a basic Gif of the game, showing off the new setting of a forest, and a spooky looking cellar entrance. The torch is still a feature, whereas i didnt put the radio in it, as this would be more suitable for later on.

I designed a map using the Environment standard assets in unity, and the terrain creator.This included grass textures, used for the base of the whole game. I also used a dirt texture to mark out the paths.

Tree models were included, and i used a paintbrush to map out where trees would be, along with floral additions like waving grass.

Raising the ground into hills around the forest edge created a simple map border, since it cannot be climbed up with the mechanics of the first person controller.

WS Map.png

Once the key has been retrieved from its location on the map, returning to the cellar door is common sense. I modelled the Cellar Door in Maya, which i was proud of. The door now opens when you have the key. Later on in the game i could develop the next level to be underground.

Door Cellar.gif

Problems I Encountered

The main and only problem i encountered was that i couldnt figure out how to get both cellar doors to open. I had to use a empty child acting as a hinge to open the left door. And since this was causing complications I decided to remove the right door, and scale the model down to a single door. To improve I could make both doors work with some new scripts.


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