UV Unwrapping: The Sequel

Last time I UV Unwrapped I wanted to rip my hair out. But now it’s starting to make sense…

So, what changed?

I decided since my last attempt used a rather complicated spaceship with multiple Engons and a generally difficult model to sort out, i created a more basic spaceship quickly. At least until I get the hang of UV Unwrapping.


Here is the finished product from today’s lesson. The map on the right is the bottom of the spaceship, the left is the top and the middle is the sides. Im beginning to adjust to the concept of it all, as to begin with it was very confusing. now I need to start the next parts, which is laying out the UVs and texturing.

I ran into less issues this time, the only serious issue being a fault with my model. I modelled my spaceship using the mirror technique, but that created faces and edges on the inside of my model, which later caused issues. With help from people around me and matt we removed them and created a cleaner UV map.

SS 5.png

Next lesson i will begin to organise UV maps, and adding basic textures using Adobe Photoshop.


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