Texturing the SS Valkyrie

After finally managing to UV Unwrap my 3rd attempt of a spaceship, I moved onto texturing. Which in my opinion, is the more fun part.


Here is where I am so far. I have made it mostly white, modern looking fighter.

Each material has different names in Maya. There is…

Lambert – Very Matte looking. No specular (Reflections / Light)

Blinn – A middle-ground material. Half matte, half shiny. Has a specular which can be altered, but at standard it is low.

Phong / Phonge – More Shiny than the other two. High level of ~Specular.

For this texture I did on the ship, in which the top is near completed. It is on a lambert material, just so that i could see clearly the design without any reflections.


I used Photoshop to texture over the expected UV layout. A mix off coloured lines, text and fill colours to make the basic layout. I would like to keep this theme throughout, but if anything i would like more Unique design, instead of just colour some texture to the ship like pipelines or weapons.

Firstly when I put the design back into Maya, i had accidently moved the UV shells off a bit. Which meant the design wasnt lined up properly, I discovered i could still move the shells to line it up, which meant the worry was quickly solved.




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