Light up!

Today, I researched a whole bunch of rendering terms, from software to different lighting sources!

Image result for three point lighting

Light Linking

Light linking is linking a light source to a specific object or surface, so that only them objects receive illumination.

Cookies (Light)

A cut out in which light is shone through it, casting shadows on objects on the other side of the stencil.

Three Point Lighting

A simple system which forms the basics of lighting. It has the Key light (1st Light, the main light), the Fill Light (2nd Light, less intense than the Key) and the Back Light (3rd Light which finishes the light and creates an outline).

Depth Map Shadows

A depth map shadow represents the distance from the specific light source and the surface the light illuminates. It is stored as a depth map file that contains the depth data from the lights POV as a texture.

Ray Tracing

A technique used in lighting similar to real world lighting. A group of paths are projected from a source and if an object crosses their path it blocks or reduces the lighting.

Maya Software Renderer

The default renderer that comes boxed with the software.

Mental Ray

A 3rd party renderer created by Nvidia that can be used with Maya and other 3D content applications.

Arnold Renderer

Another 3rd party tracing renderer, Its main use being for VFX and animation.

Area Lights

2D rectangular light sources, good use for objects like windows.

Volume Light

Similar to a point light, an emitted Omni-Directional light from one point. This is usually used as rays of light and can be customized a lot to your own wish.

Directional Light

A light that emits a beam of light in one direction, that is very powerful and can usually fill an entire area, similar to sunlight.

Ambient Light

a soft circular light that creates soft shadows. Generally not very good and underused.


One point that emits a cone of light rays, that can be altered to fill a large area or small area.

Light colour.

The colour of the light, like a light orange or light blue from the light source.

Light intensity

How strong the light source is, for example blinding, or dull.





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