The Final Development of the SS Valkyrie…

Here it is! I have finally finished the SS Valkyrie, a space fighter i began half way through October. Im quite proud of it, so im going to go through all my stages again, so you can see how i finished the model!


I went through many stages of modelling, creating multiple ships. Eventually i stuck with this model because it was a lot more simple to texture, UV Unwrap and light up etc. It looks like a jet, which is what i took inspiration from, hence I called it the SS Valkyrie,a fighter class spaceship. ss-5

What I liked:

I love the wing design of this ship, with wings that ever so slightly tilt down, and have multiple segments which make it more detailed than a single flat wing.

What I would Improve:

Its a fighter right? I should have added more guns to the ship, whether it be cannons of the wing or guns on the side of the hull.

UV Unwrapping

Possibly, the hardest part of this procedure. It involved taking the 3D shape and unfolding it, like a piece of paper! Even though it took a while, I figured it out and managed to complete it.

I Unwrapped the ship in 3 separate parts. The bottom faces as one shell, the top faces as one shell and the side / outline in one shell.


Then, using the layout tool, it sized up the UVs into one square which made it available to texture.


I decided to make the fighter very modern looking, taking inspiration from Star Wars, which white metallic textures and a strong red outline. I completed the texture map in photoshop, using the fill tool, lines and text for the bold number 08 onthe side of the hull. The cockpit uses a blue fill, to signify the window.I would say its very cartoon looking since  I am not used to photoshop so i kept it simple.



Once i had added the texture as a material, on lambert to create a matte kind of texture, i decided to light up the scene using a technique called 3 point lighting.


The light on the left is the Key light. a Large directional light that is powerful, and have a orange tinge. This represents the sun, or another star in space. The middle light, the Fill light is used to represent how light diffuses across the ship, and stops created a very harsh shadow which is not realistic on a ship. And the light on the right, the backlight, is used to soften the shadows, and blend the light together. Overall i did this way of lighting so that it matches the background i am going to put it on.


The Finished Product



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