VFX: Controlling Shapes with Null Objects

Today we learnt more about Ae (After Effects), by controlling the scale, position and rotation of shapes with Null objects.

Using an invisible plane, and the use of parenting means you can control the shapes / group of objects a lot easier!

Box 1.png

We firstly created a cube with 3D space and squares. They were then all parented to a null object called controller. This created an axis, or hinge similar to a door. The cube could then revolve around that null object. To be organised we also created a master controller which was in the middle. I parented everything to the master controller so that it was easy to edit all general settings, and be able to control the controller. Confusing, right?

Next lesson I’m hoping to be able to animate the cube, and maybe create some concepts for a logo / branding intro for my Next Gen.


then, to add some more depth to the cube i added a spotlight shining on one side, to emphasize that it is a 3D object and not a diamond etc.


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