My First Animation

Moving on from Maya’s modelling capabilities, we are now going to have a look at how to animate in Maya, and my first animation.

During the course of the lesson I had to remember to keep in mind the 12 principles of animation. They helped me make the animation a lot more interesting, and exaggerated.

I used a character Rig on the squirrel, because otherwise each part of the character would have a seperate timeline, which overall is confusing hence better to use a character rig which will keep all the parts together on one timeline.

I uploaded the Animation via my Vimeo Account.

I used a rig of a squirrel to do this, a long with the sphere used as a ball.

Techniques Used:

Squash and Stretch

On the ball, when it falls and jumps it stretches, and when it connects with the tail, it squashes.

Secondary Action

As well as the squirrel just bouncing the ball, he also follow it with his head.

Overall i am very happy with the animation, and aim to improve it with maybe facial features, or more exaggeration.


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