Art Deco

New-York-Attractions-Empire-State-Building.jpgToday I have been researching Art Deco, a simplistic, colourful style of building.

Many buildings use this style which involves simple colours and simple geometric shapes. Its even been put diorectly into the art stile of video games!

I first appeared in France before WW1, and from then it really took of during the 1920’s to 1930’s. Which is why a lot of our buildings now-days are still Art Deco. They are still around the world on buildings like Chrysler Building, and the Empire States Building.

The bold lines, colours and design has influenced many games such as the Iconic Bioshock Series. Especially in the first game, it uses multiple forms of art deco on its buildings, in-particular entrances, interior and walls.


Like this entrance way, has bold lines and variety of shapes to split up the doorway, as well as gold complicated designs on the door.

Not only can this design be used on bu8ildingsd and interior but it has also been used on models in games, and decoration items. Again linking too Bioshock here…


This ring model uses many lines and outer shapes to define its design, inspired by Art Deco from France and used straight into the games industry. Not only can this design be used on both models and buildings, but also as the named hints, Artwork towards the game release. And it was the case with Bioshock.


These photos are Posters both in-game and leading up to the release of the game.


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