Analyzing Animation Shorts

Analyzing “Mike’s New Car”

When Sully finds out that he can adjust his seat , he starts to move the seat in all sorts of directions, including up ad down. Its quite unrealistic that Sully can go as low as what he did, but adds emphasis and is exaggerated to make the animation both more humorous and interesting.


Later on in the short, mike needs to get back in the car, and Sully needs to find which button opens the door. To make the scene more amusing there is a load of buttons to choose from, and the animator’s use Anticipation to lead up to which button Sully presses. Sully says “Ah” and shows a delighted look on his face as he finds a button which may or may not remark to opening the door, and raises his hands up to press it back down upon the button, almost as if he is confident in his decision. This makes the animation more funny when the whole build up happens, but sully in-fact presses a wrong button and it didn’t help the situation.

mikes car 2.png




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