Ident Project

Lesson 1:

Today we planned out our Ident projects. This involved planning our assets, story boarding and explanations. An Ident is a very small animation which tells a simplistic story, which usually ends up showing a name or logo to promote our-self.


A small tree stands alone, but an arrow heads towards it. The arrow collides with the top of the tree, causing it to thrust downwards and rebound back up. Upon the rebound, my logo flies out the tree, then grow to a big size.


  • A tree stands still in a white scene.
  • An arrow flies towards it, rotating and colliding with the tree at its peak.
  • the tree shakes to the left harshly, then back to the right.
  • The logo falls out the tree, bouncing onto its side in the right-center of the camera.
  • The logo blows up, making it bigger than the tree and rolling onto its readable side.



Lesson 2:

Now we can start to model and get what we need for our project. I decided i needed to model the tree, the arrow, and make my logo in 3D space.

For the tree, I created 3 pyramids, smaller each time around a brown cylinder. I didn’t texture any as this project is mainly formed around animation. In order to animated the tree swaying, I added a bend deformer, which allows me to curve the tree. This means the animation can be much more smooth, instead of cubic and of a worse quality.


For the Arrow, I simply made a cylinder with a point and a cross tail. The arrow only needed to be straight as it is going to be going at a high speed. The main animation for the arrow will be the arrow moving towards the tree and rotating in the air.


Finally, I made my Hexagon logo from my blog into a 3D hexagon, UV unwrapped it and add a grey texture with one of the sides being my logo.


Lesson 3 > 5

I started animating by putting all my models in one scene. I started by making the arrow fly in from the left, up until frame 35. The Camera follows the arrow, and I made it flail about a bit to show that the arrow is flying through the air. When the arrow collides with the tree, i wanted to make it so that the arrow will stay with the tree, almost as if the models combine into their own model. So upon frame 35, the separate model of the tree and the arrow are both then hidden, and a model of the tree with the arrow conjoined appear in a split second, so that it is not noticeable. This makes it so that i can animate the tree without having to animate each key frame for the arrow perfectly in time as well.


I then used the bend former in the tree to bend it and make it look like it is shaking when the arrow collides. I tried to make it look as realistic as possible, by making the swaying gradually less shaking each time it bends. The arrow stayed in a good position, and the swaying ends around frame 95. All i need to animate now is the Logo falling out the tree.


I’m hoping to, when the animation is complete, render it out and edit it nicely together to render as an mp4 in Adobe Premiere. This will be a learning curve to me, as i usually edit and render videos in Sony Vegas, and i’m looking forward to using a new version of video editing software.

Final Lesson

I have finally finished my animation. I have imported in my logo and completed the animation, as well as batch render and sequence render it in Premiere.

First of all I imported in the FBX of my Logo, and hid it in the top of the tree. Just like my storyboard I have planned on the logo falling out the bottom of the tree, however given the large sway of the tree, I changed this to fire out the top upon the rebound of the arrow. The logo falls and rolls onto its side.


I made the animation quite fast so that it looked more realistic and smooth. My next idea was to make the logo blow up and land again. The logo blew up and rotated to land on its side where the logo is readable. After completing the animation I batch rendered it so that each frame was a 1080p video, and using Sequences in Adobe Premiere i put them all together, added sound effects and rendered it into a mp4.

Final Product





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