The Slime Game: Using Unity

With our code exam coming up soon, we are going back to unity 2D to make a very basic game so enchance different methods of code.

Over the course of a couple of weeks we have been learning more about C#. Including Variables, functions and more coding terminolgies. I partnered up with Adam to look into the different code we have been given and use it to make a basic game and so far we have created a game in which a slime must add more slime onto itself without being hit by bad, red slime.

Slime Game 1.png

I used my movement controls from my spaceship game, which is similar to games like space invaders. The large green slime must pickup smaller green slimes which could be a benefit like health, or a requirement to get to the next level without touching red slimes. The turrets use projectile code to fire the bullets which move a certain direction, and when collding with the Player tag, remove the game object. I plan on making it so that infact it restarts the level. The green slimes move acorss the screen using waypoints code and unity assets.

Slime Game 2.png

Here the player has died, which doesnt do anything yet but i am fond of this game idea and wish to develop it.

To be Continued.


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