VFX: Tracking

We have done basic 3D tracking before, but today we are revisiting the basics and re-going through it.

We have today, completed some clips which we added tracking modules too, in order to add logos or text upon the original video.

Tracking Edit 1

We started by creating a composition automatically out of footage, footage of a tunnel with basic design and graffiti. We are going to track one side of the wall and add our own images too it. To track the footage we used a unique built-in program called “Mocha 3D” which did the hard work for us, we simply outlined each point of the area we wanted to track, rendered the tracking and exported it back to After Effects.

Mocha Blog 1.png

After it was back in after Effects, I used a black solid shaped over the tracked area. Then, pasting the picture of the Dragon Graffiti over the top, meaning it looks like graffiti on the wall. The tracking worked perfectly, and it realy looked like it was there in the original footage becasuse of the unique overlays we added, which burned the image into the wall.

One challenge i did face was a misunderstanding that the red outlined area had to be where you were putting the image as well as the blue outlined area, however i found out that the blue area is a more specific area, and the red area is a general area of movement. I went back and changed the lines to hence be more suitable, and it made the tracking a lot smoother!

Mocha Blog 2.png

The Final product was great, and now i can say i can successfully track any clip using Mocha, a good external tool which has many more uses i plan to look into.



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