Concept Art: Ecorche Head Drawings

We have been looking into Ecorche Head Drawings, which are similar to when you see a tutorial on how to draw a head. They are made of other smaller shapes and show how to draw different angles.

First off I took a normal face, and added where the muscles and bones created emphasized lines. The skull has multiple outlining factors which form the head.


This is a main part of Ecorche Head drawings, because the drawing is always effected by muscle, expression and the angle they are looking at. Different heads will be looking different ways, have different looks etc. and this can effect how the face changes, mainly the muscle on the face.

Head Tutorials

Some Ecorche tutorials [Step by Step] are good however some are bad… They can help me find out where to start with Ecorche drawings.

how_to_draw_a_head_in_profile__anime_styled__by_davick-d4rgo94.pngThis tutorial is very good to begin the shape of the head, rather that the latter details, however it only shows one direction of the head, hence it would be un-useful in most situations.

heads_faces_angles_tutorial_by_discipleneil777This tutorial however doesn’t give it step by step, but shows many different angles to show how the topology of the lines shows where each facial feature should look in recollection to the different areas of the face.

In my opinion, I can only look at a tutorial for  so long because its by professionals, I think when it comes to my own head / character design, I’ll follow trial and error until I have a good fix on a starting expression, then base them around that. Some tutorials can be useful, but most go into to much detail too soon.


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