Concept Art: Artist Research and Head Drawings

Researching an Artist will help me develop my outspread knowledge of both art styles and techniques. especially with character design, which is our current project in Art.

Alex Pardee

Image result for alex pardee

His art is very unique, and actually i quite like it. Each piece is very colorful, but also perfect colors to match the style and mood of the photo. What i like about this photo is that it seems like the good creature is attacking the bad, like a role reversal kind of idea.The dark red and blood stains on the front creature makes it look much more fearful than the other. However, the blue monster, despite looking the more happy and peaceful creature due to its facial reaction, is attacking the yellow, biting into it.

I also like how the image, even though feels role reversed, isn’t… Since on the back of the blue monster seems to be an evil counterpart, like a good cop, bad coop theory. The legs, being very skinny and similar to a claw cause me to straight away think of spiders, again a fearful creature which adds to the randomness of this character.

What i dislike about this drawing is the purple splashes, i am not really sure why they are there, but if so i would have made them red to match the blood of the creature in damage.

Overall some of Alex other work is just as strange but fascinating. I think his idea of going against the norm and especially with his faces, would be good to incorporate into my own drawings.

I prepared by doing some cartoon drawings based on the style of a CEO at TED, who says anyone can draw as long as you can follow rules. Following this basic tutorial allowed me to create some simple, but similar cartoon sketches. besides the fact that they are good, a head drawing is not as good as what it could be in this style, but I definitely enjoyed drawing them.


After doing research on different art styles in a range of games, I love the sell-Shaded style, in games like Borderlands and TF2.

So I decided to do my head drawing task in the Cell-Shaded style. I have done this before hence I knew some techniques to do so. The style of art are similar to the eCorche drawings I have previously mentioned. However sell shaded is where everything is made of shapes and singular colors.


The style of celebrities in sell shaded intrigued me, hence i drew Leonardo DiCaprio, in this style. I considered the facial structure and light of the picture, using a range of shades.


I used the Blur tool to create the background, and polygon lasso to create each area. The part i am most proud of the is the forehead, which has different levels of light which looks natural. I like the way that i have shown shadows by using a range of shades of brown.

Leonardo DiGodio

It also relates to Alex Pardee’s work on his art, using a wide range of colors and similar shading techniques, but overall it definitely is a form of Cell shading. Later I will also consider using this art style again for similar Results.


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