VFX: Replacing and Changing Sky’s

In todays lesson we are learning the skill of replacing and changing the sky in a photo or footage.

Important Parts of replacing a sky are:

  • Colour Correction
  • Correct Blending / Transitions
  • Colour Keying

To begin with we are replacing a sky on a basic stock photo, taken by Gary. I have chose to replace it with a space / galactic looking sky to make it seem very futuristic or sci-fi.

Picture 1.jpg

First I created a composition with the original photo, and I had 2 of the original images and one of the space sky. I started by adding “Linear Wipe” to the galactic sky, so I could line it up with he horizon and fade it so that it looks a bit more natural. The 2nd image we then had I put o top, and used Color Keys to select the blue of the sky to replace with the Galactic sky. This means the galactic sky is sandwiched between 2 originals, except one has the sky replaced.



Changing a City

To change the sky for a city skyline is a bit more complicated, because you have to mask around all the buildings. To do this I made a Lunar matte on the photo and pre-composed it. Then I added a color matte so I could make the sky white, and the foreground black, then using a black solid to make it completely black. Afterwards, I added the sky onto the white layer which made it blend well, and added a choker to cut down on the outlines to perfect it.




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