Low Poly Environment

Our class has been tasked by Washington Mind to create a game for their website, to help calm their users and children in times of stress. So our project in 3D modelling at the current time is to create a low poly tile, which will be used in the title screen.

We decided each game is going to be based on a different aspect of earth, like biomes. They’re 5 different scenes, including Forest, Volcano / beach, Desert, City, and Underwater. My team was given the scene of a desert, so our first step was to create a list of assets and things we need to do in order to successfully create our tile.

Here is the Slide which we first made a plan on:


The idea was to make the desert similar to that of a desert tribe, as well as classic desert themed buildings such as pyramids and ruins. We then looked at reference images to low poly desert before beginning the modelling process.


Best of Lesson 1:

The modelling process began, with us modelling a Tepee hut, an obelisk, a basic cactus and a pyramid. These would still need to be textured but the process was simple. Low poly meant we had a limit of how many Tri’s we could use. We added the only counter to make sure we wouldn’t go over 1000 Tris, which are 3 sided shapes. The reason we measured Tris is because when a model is moved into a game engine or a game, all poly’s are turned to Tri’s, therefore we kept this theme.



We didn’t want the Pyramid to be just a basic shape, so we added a detailed top, fireplace and simple  entrance whilst still staying under the Tri Count.





I textured this model simple colours, and have yet to add a small door or added leather detail.


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