The World of Spheres

What happens when there is 21 spheres, loaded into a world, each with their own unique code assigned to them? Chaos.

We were given each our own task, to create our own sphere code, which could do anything we wanted. I decided that upon every collision my sphere makes, the roblox death sound plays. Originally this was all that was going to happen, but i ended up taking it even further.


The sphere had a rigidbody on, which i used at add some basic starter code to keep the sphere moving. then, upon every collision the sound file attached to Source is played.


Afterwards i realised that i could actually change the pitch of the noise, so I made it so that the noise randomly changes pitch every time. It ended up great! Each sphere went well, but it crashed a lot. however i always knew mine was their due to the occasional “oo”.


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