VFX Side Project and Practise

Besides this not being a major part of my VFX project this year I still decided to test out lighting and the green screen in class.

Using an old nerf gun I had, which looked remotely like an alien blaster. Hence I decided to recreate a blaster shooting scene. I recorded myself ‘pretending’ to shoot the gun, in front of a green screen. I was going to colour key out the green and use a Sci-Fi kind of background. The gun I was using was an orange tinted gun, hence I decided to go for that colour theme with the background and the blaster.

The Background and Green Screen


Shooting the gun on the green screen, was probably one of the most fun parts, trying to be serious was harder than I thought. Hence we had a lot of bloopers. Finally, however getting the right clip for the job. Next was to move it to after affects.Screenshot_4.png

I removed the green screen using Colour Key effect, before adding curves to the background. The original image was lighter and bluer, so I increased the red, decreased the blue and changed the RGB down to make it darker. Then using a similar usage of curves on myself to match with the background, a dark and orange tinted background.

The Gun Effect

For the laser gun, I used the ‘Saber’ plugin, which allows you to make easy lasers and sparks. I created an orange, straight laser for the gun, key pointing the position. Then, with tweaking I made it shoot across the screen. Of course, this wasn’t enough to make it realistic, so I used a Shockwave effect to make the blaster more alien-like. It looked better, but after that, I created 2 solids. These would act as the flash of light on my body and the area after the shot fired. One was a light coloured orange, large and highly feathered to make it look like an area light, and the other a more vibrant orange on my body and face to make it look like a more harsh flash. After this, I only needed to tweak a motion blur on the gun, using box blur, and so finishing the realsitic look. I created a VFx breakdown of the whole process to practise breakdowns, and I got to use Premiere Pro, using the wave effect to create the final piece. Here it is!

There is no sound, but I plan on adding Sound FX at a later point!


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