VFX Group Project Overview [Week 5]

We are into Week 5 of the VFX group project now, with 5 weeks worth of work. This blog will be a full update on what me and the rest of my team has completed so far throughout the 5 weeks. My blogs will be more frequent now due to my input being needed more from this... Continue Reading →


VFX Practise – Saber

After Effects has a range of plugins to help create and complete things not do-able in the default version of AE. I installed and started learning to use a free plugin called Saber. I have used Saber before, but for a different project. This project I was going to experiment more with the range of... Continue Reading →

VFX Practise – Explosions and Lighting

During my Spare time I have been working on making realistic explosions and lighting effects in after effects. For this I used footage of the White House, and took inspiration from films like White House Down and Independence Day. Using Stock footage explosions, fire and smoke I created a basic explosions and damage. It is not completed,... Continue Reading →

Learning Substance Painter

Despite the fact, that I had used substance Painter before, I always had difficulty, therefore in these 2 lessons it was time to perfect my knowledge of the program. What is Substance Painter? Substance Painter is a program which lets you bake textures, create textures and render them out. It is a alternative to Photoshop,... Continue Reading →

Storyboard and Establishing Shots

In the first lesson of concept art, back from year 1 too year 2 we are having a look at storyboarding in preparation for the next project I will be working on. To start of we need to do research on both storyboarding and other aspects of creating a storyboard. What is a storyboard? A storyboard... Continue Reading →

VFX Side Project and Practise

Besides this not being a major part of my VFX project this year I still decided to test out lighting and the green screen in class. Using an old nerf gun I had, which looked remotely like an alien blaster. Hence I decided to recreate a blaster shooting scene. I recorded myself 'pretending' to shoot... Continue Reading →

The Summer Project

The next project in modelling is focusing on Quality over quantity, and we been given the task to each creates a high-quality asset to create a small scene. Our group theme was Steampunk. I don't know much about Steampunk bar the fact of its new technology in olden times, at least that what I imagined.... Continue Reading →

The Simple Walk Cycle

Our next big project was a simple, yet very fiddly animation. A walk cycle, which is a character walking continuously. These animations are used in games all around, and it was time for me to have my own go. Prior Research First of all, I did some basic Research on how exactly people walk. Despite us... Continue Reading →

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