The Summer Project

The next project in modelling is focusing on Quality over quantity, and we been given the task to each creates a high-quality asset to create a small scene. Our group theme was Steampunk. I don't know much about Steampunk bar the fact of its new technology in olden times, at least that what I imagined.... Continue Reading →


The Simple Walk Cycle

Our next big project was a simple, yet very fiddly animation. A walk cycle, which is a character walking continuously. These animations are used in games all around, and it was time for me to have my own go. Prior Research First of all, I did some basic Research on how exactly people walk. Despite us... Continue Reading →

Games Through Time

Throughout History, Games have been limited by hardware. Whether its nowadays PC's that can't handle graphics or the old Arcade Machines which couldn't handle anything more than 8-bit. I'm going to go through some of my favourite games and explain exactly how it was limited by hardware, and how the design of the game worked... Continue Reading →

A long time ago….

I'n a galaxy, far, far away... I recently aquired a new plugin for After Affects called Particular. This allows for much more creativity with particles and with this i created a Star Wars Hyperspace jump and the Next Gen text. I used a particle emitter to emit particles randomly around a box, which created stars.... Continue Reading →

The World of Spheres

What happens when there is 21 spheres, loaded into a world, each with their own unique code assigned to them? Chaos. We were given each our own task, to create our own sphere code, which could do anything we wanted. I decided that upon every collision my sphere makes, the roblox death sound plays. Originally... Continue Reading →

Normal Mapping

Beginning to look into more into different types of maps, I should know the difference between them. Bump Maps Bump maps are texture maps which represent bumps, and extrudes onto a model. They aren't actually any bumps on it however, bump maps use grayscale 256 bit colours to cast an illusion. The closer to white an... Continue Reading →

Low Poly Environment

Our class has been tasked by Washington Mind to create a game for their website, to help calm their users and children in times of stress. So our project in 3D modelling at the current time is to create a low poly tile, which will be used in the title screen. We decided each game... Continue Reading →

VFX: Matte Paintings

In many scenes from films, video games or TV shows a lot of the scene is fake, and masked buildings from the internet. Such as: Star Wars: Return of the Jedi Most of the Moon of Endor was made from pictures of large Candia oak trees, and bridges from things such as canyons. Lord of... Continue Reading →

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