VFX: Matte Paintings

In many scenes from films, video games or TV shows a lot of the scene is fake, and masked buildings from the internet. Such as: Star Wars: Return of the Jedi Most of the Moon of Endor was made from pictures of large Candia oak trees, and bridges from things such as canyons. Lord of... Continue Reading →

VFX: Replacing and Changing Sky’s

In todays lesson we are learning the skill of replacing and changing the sky in a photo or footage. Important Parts of replacing a sky are: Colour Correction Correct Blending / Transitions Colour Keying To begin with we are replacing a sky on a basic stock photo, taken by Gary. I have chose to replace... Continue Reading →

The VFX and Games Industry

I've been looking into VFX, and Games Design companies to take a look into what jobs are like in the company, experience, salaries and more. Bethesda Softworks [Rockville, DC] Created in 1986 by Christopher Weaver, and now in 2017 it is one of the leading games companies for Story and RPG Games. They are now... Continue Reading →

The Slime Game: Using Unity

With our code exam coming up soon, we are going back to unity 2D to make a very basic game so enchance different methods of code. Over the course of a couple of weeks we have been learning more about C#. Including Variables, functions and more coding terminolgies. I partnered up with Adam to look... Continue Reading →

Ident Project

Lesson 1: Today we planned out our Ident projects. This involved planning our assets, story boarding and explanations. An Ident is a very small animation which tells a simplistic story, which usually ends up showing a name or logo to promote our-self. Synopsis A small tree stands alone, but an arrow heads towards it. The... Continue Reading →

VFX: Tracking

We have done basic 3D tracking before, but today we are revisiting the basics and re-going through it. We have today, completed some clips which we added tracking modules too, in order to add logos or text upon the original video. Tracking Edit 1 We started by creating a composition automatically out of footage, footage... Continue Reading →

Analyzing Animation Shorts

Analyzing "Mike's New Car" When Sully finds out that he can adjust his seat , he starts to move the seat in all sorts of directions, including up ad down. Its quite unrealistic that Sully can go as low as what he did, but adds emphasis and is exaggerated to make the animation both more... Continue Reading →

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