BTA: Update F – The First Shoot

As I grabbed the script, sat on the director chair and stared at the green screen, I knew it was time to put this show on the road. Our first shoot was the News Scene since this could be done simply in-front of the green screen. The script had been written, and the camera angle... Continue Reading →


BTA: Update E – Script Writing

Today we completed an final official script for the project. Whilst there isn't much narrative in the film, the script can also describe camera movements, character movements, and moods. We put our heads together and decided on some final decisions with regards to our camera movement ideas and transitions. First of All, i looked up some... Continue Reading →

BTA: Update D – Unplanned Halt

The Pre-Production is complete, I'm now just finishing the script. Overall in the last week I have finished doing some work on the Reece, finishing the script and planning when we are going to record the footage. The Reece I have created a PowerPoint with the Reece, which include satellite locations of each recording area,... Continue Reading →

BTA: Update C – Stand By

Pre-Production is near complete. We missed some things, however getting on track with completing them. I'm overall happy with the work ethic, and our main priority now is to complete the Reece. However we couldn't do the Reece in college, so instead me, Jake and Ryan put our heads together and thought ahead, mainly at... Continue Reading →

BTA: Update B – Movie Poster

Whilst we were working on the pre-production I decided to work on a Movie Poster, because I personally thought it would help the team visualize what I had in mind, and get feedback. The original design I have in mind was for it to be the main character facing away from the end of the... Continue Reading →

Art Essay: Inspiring an Imagined World

Inception (2010) by Christopher Nolan, was a mind-bending film about stealing and planting sub-conscious thoughts into other peoples realities. The idea of creating crime in lucid dreams and other realities however wasn't inspired by nothing. The idea as a whole was inspired by many other films, people and artists. The artist I will be talking... Continue Reading →

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