Art Essay: Inspiring an Imagined World

Inception (2010) by Christopher Nolan, was a mind-bending film about stealing and planting sub-conscious thoughts into other peoples realities. The idea of creating crime in lucid dreams and other realities however wasn't inspired by nothing. The idea as a whole was inspired by many other films, people and artists. The artist I will be talking... Continue Reading →


Creative and Technical 3D Model Submission

Part of our overall grade for this year involves planning, creating and delivering a technical, low to high poly model. I decided I was going to base mine of off a gun, eventually choosing the MAC-10 Submachine gun. Reference Images Since I am going to base this entirely on a realistic gun model, I had... Continue Reading →

VFX Group Project Overview [Week 9]

Its week 9, and our Imagined World Project is has a deadline for the completion within the next 3 weeks, with a mini-deadline of overall completion next week. How My Progress Is Going Our group are currently at work doing effects, and finishing the main sequences. I'm currently a bit behind on the plane scene however... Continue Reading →

VFX Group Project [Plane Crash]

As I have mentioned the main scene in the film trailer is the definitive plane crash. However, the act of creating a realistic plane crash is easier said than done. After learning Element 3D, mastering lighting and tweaking around with plugins like particular and Console I have created the first flying pan of the plane.... Continue Reading →

Tony’s Art Project

We were demonstrated today how a piece of music can influence a piece of art.  To test this we were told to create some art based on what we interpret from the song 'Carouselambra' by Led Zepplin. when I heard the song I straight away thought of a worn down area, like a shack or town... Continue Reading →

VFX Group Project [Sound]

Sound is one of the most important aspects in gaming and film. The sound can change the mood of the scene, and change what happens in it. For our project we are going to need both music and sound effects to set the scene and seriousness of our trailer. First, they're 2 different types of... Continue Reading →

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