BTA: Update O – MVP Deadline

The MVP went super well! with all greens our team was happy with the feedback, but before I explain feedback and counters, have a look at the MVP trailer for yourself. MVP Trailer The feedback was mostly visual improvements and remaining things to do. The major feedback was over: Colour correction The fight Scene Lab Scene... Continue Reading →


BTA: Update N – Teamwork Update

MVP deadline is at the end of today, and we will be presenting the minimal trailer for the project. Overall it looks good, and I am happy, however with a few extra weeks we could definitely make it brilliant. Teamwork Between some members, teamwork has been great. We have communicated well for the final, and... Continue Reading →

BTA: Update M – The Watch

I had finished my watch scene, but forgot to blog about it, hence here it is. The idea was that the main character had a watch that would display how long he had until meteor impact. So in doing this, I needed to track the watch, add some HUD elements ands the time remaining. Tracking To... Continue Reading →

BTA: Update L – Holograms

When the trailer talks about the government creation of the SS Frontier, we are going to show futuristic HUD elements to help visualise the station. I created these today. Using small HUD element off the internet, I pieced together the background, colour scheme, elements, and the final model. HUD Elements These included a spinning globe,... Continue Reading →

BTA: Update K – Recreating Earth

We needed more scenes ready for the MVP. I call these filler scenes, scenes which might not add much to the story but display good visuals. I decided to create one which both, hopefully, looked good and added to the story. The space station needed displaying, hence I did something similar to jakes earth but... Continue Reading →

BTA: Update J – Behind The Scenes

The BTS video has to be produced to document our time creating the short film. Whilst we researched, and looked into last years BTS videos, we found a couple of things. Firstly, with our film being serious, and quite a, serious genre of the world ending and all, we want to make our BTs video... Continue Reading →

BTA: Update H – The Third Shoot

 The major final scene to record was the lab scene. this was the first scene of the short film, and included some of the most visually demanding effects. The scenes to record were The stairs scene, the lab and the watch. This would include in the class, the staff stairway and down the stairs. The... Continue Reading →

BTA: Update G – The Second Shoot

The Second Shoot was planned to take place Friday morning. This would include the essential scenes in the Oxclose area, such as the shooter scene, and the establishing scene. We decided to get these all recorded today, the team being Me, Jake and Ryan, as Liam was not available. Establishing First things first were the... Continue Reading →

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