VFX Group Project [Week 7]

Now our group is fully working on the effects for the scenes of the trailer. I am currently working on the plane Crash and title Reveal as stated in the last update. since then, I have come to adjust with element 3D, and Saber. Since the plane crash is going to be arguably the hardest scene... Continue Reading →


VFX Group Project [Sound]

Sound is one of the most important aspects in gaming and film. The sound can change the mood of the scene, and change what happens in it. For our project we are going to need both music and sound effects to set the scene and seriousness of our trailer. First, they're 2 different types of... Continue Reading →

VFX Group Project [Week 5]

We are into Week 5 of the VFX group project now, with 5 weeks worth of work. This blog will be a full update on what me and the rest of my team has completed so far throughout the 5 weeks. My blogs will be more frequent now due to my input being needed more from this... Continue Reading →

VFX Practise – Saber

After Effects has a range of plugins to help create and complete things not do-able in the default version of AE. I installed and started learning to use a free plugin called Saber. I have used Saber before, but for a different project. This project I was going to experiment more with the range of... Continue Reading →

VFX Practise – Explosions and Lighting

During my Spare time I have been working on making realistic explosions and lighting effects in after effects. For this I used footage of the White House, and took inspiration from films like White House Down and Independence Day. Using Stock footage explosions, fire and smoke I created a basic explosions and damage. It is not completed,... Continue Reading →

VFX Group Project [Week 1]

For the first part of this year we are undergoing a group project based on worlds which are not our own. I chose the VFX Project, alongside Jake, Alice and Liam. Within this project we must create an enticing teaser trailer, lasting around 30 seconds long. First we created a Trello group, in which we... Continue Reading →

Learning Substance Painter

Despite the fact, that I had used substance Painter before, I always had difficulty, therefore in these 2 lessons it was time to perfect my knowledge of the program. What is Substance Painter? Substance Painter is a program which lets you bake textures, create textures and render them out. It is a alternative to Photoshop,... Continue Reading →

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